"I have not had an easy life from the moment I was born. I suffer from epilepsy from the trauma during birth. My life was going to be hard as I grew up. As I grew up, it was hard for me to get into school because the schools in the small town at the time did not accept me who I was. One of the schools had me sleep in class because they did not want to teach a little girl with a disability at the time. I only got to have an education because of one teacher. This teacher accepted me for who I was and did not discriminate against me because of my disability. I spent my whole life trying to fit into society, but people still discriminate against me to this day. It has been hard for me over the years trying to get into a good job because people take one good look at me and do not want to get to know me. I have always been an outcast in society because people with a disability are treated differently and do not get the same opportunities as people who do not have a disability." Kindest regards, Samantha J Willis Read more
"Hi everyone, last Monday, Take 5 Magazine; wanted to interview me, the article will be published in the magazine this month. The issues will go on sale on 22th April. By Samantha J Willis. Read more